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Dear Family & Friends,

We have chosen Jeff & Kimberly Jacoby of Romantics Travel as our Destination Wedding specialists. It is our wish that all guests book their rooms directly with Romantics Travel in order to ensure group benefits and amenities. Romantics Travel will handle everyone's travel arrangements. We are certain that Romantics Travel will take great care of you and there are no additional charges for you to use their services. They are your contact for all things travel related!

Romantics Travel Services Include:
- Booking and managing our guests' travel arrangements in order to streamline the details of the wedding events
- Monitoring your reservation for changes, and ensuring your travel is seamless and stress free
- Handling your deposit and payments for your trip
- Answering any questions you may have about the resort, room categories, excursions, or activities
- Ensuring that you are part of the wedding group and you will appear on our final guest list that gets sent to the resort prior to arrival
- Troubleshooting - Have a concern or challenge that arises before, during or after your trip? - Romantics Travel will assist you!
Most importantly, their strong relationship with the resort helps to ensure that our wedding guests, who have booked through our room block, will not be walked and placed in another resort due to overbooking.
Should you have any additional questions, please contact our dedicated experts at Romantics Travel.

Romantics Travel
Jeff & Kimberly Jacoby
(817) 386-0701


PLEASE RESERVE YOUR ROOM USING THE LINK BELOW (after reading all content on this page)

PLEASE NOTE: in order to be included in the wedding events, you must book through Romantics Travel. Please see FAQs below for further details.

You will need to RSVP by booking your room and making your room deposit before November 30, 2023. This lets us know who is attending, so we can plan our wedding events for the correct number of guests.

To guarantee availability and discounted pricing, you will need to put down your deposit as soon as possible! We have a limited number of rooms in our room block. Once we exceed that, there are no guarantees.

Missed the deadline? That’s ok, Please still book your room with Romantics Travel and they will work on confirming the room for you. Inventory and group rates will be subject to availability after the deadline.

$100 per person deposit holds your room plus any purchased optional insurance.
There is a 3-night minimum stay

November 30, 2023 - Submit your deposit by this date**
December 22, 2023 - Final Payment Due** 

*All-inclusive Accommodations (All Resort Meals, Drinks (Alcoholic and Non), Entertainment, Taxes, Fees)
*Round-trip Private Group Transportation
*24/7 support phone number during travel
*Recognized as a member of the wedding group and able to attend the wedding events
*All Private Wedding Events & Amenities
*Optional Travel Protection Available


Already Booked with Romantics Travel? Make a payment using the link below.

A $100 per person deposit holds your room

November 30, 2023 - Submit your deposit by this date
December 22, 2023 - Final Payment Due


You will be flying into Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)

Booking flights with Romantics Travel is not required. We realize that most of our guest have points or miles they would like to use, or would like the opportunity to book flights when they want.

If you need assistance with flight schedules or would like some help booking your flights, Romantics Travel is happy to help! You can reach Jeff or Kimberly at 817-386-0701

Also, since you'll be booking your room with our group, private group transportation to and from the airport is included in the rates!

Flight schedules must be forwarded to Romantics Travel no later than 45 days prior to travel to arrange transportation. They will also send out reminders via email. Transportation will only be arranged for the date of check-in and check-out, and only to and from the airport and wedding resort.



Dominican Republic Entry Requirements:
A current passport book is required with at least 6 months validity past your return date. Every guest must have a valid passport book. You will need this to board your flight and the resort will ask for it when you check-in. If you do not have a passport or need to renew it, click below.

We recommend you check your passports to ensure they are current.
Electronic ticket for entry and exit to the Dominican Republic is currently required. More information will be found in your final documents via a mobile Trip Plans app on how to access the site (to be provided as it gets closer).

Note: Due to Covid, processing time has increased, causing delays in passports. If you will be attending the wedding and need a first-time passport OR need to renew your passport, please do this NOW. Routine processing time is about 10-13 weeks. Expedited Service: 7-9 weeks.
Make sure you check the expiration date on your current passport. It must be valid 6 months after your return date


Q: Do I need to book through Romantics Travel?
To be included as a guest of the wedding, please book with Romantics Travel. The best wedding gift you can give us is honoring our request to have Romantics Travel handle all of your travel arrangements. This will allow us to relax and enjoy planning the actual wedding.

Please note that booking your room through any other channel, outside of Romantics Travel, will result in your stay not being connected with our group, exclusion of certain amenities and activities and may also result in extra charges for us.

Q: Must I stay at the wedding resort to attend the wedding? We strongly encourage you to reserve within our wedding block to be able to attend our wedding. Guests not booked in to the group may need to purchase a wedding day pass or per event pass, and these are extremely limited.

Q: What is included in the package?
The resort is an all-inclusive resort so your hotel room, all meals, drinks (alcoholic and non), taxes and tips are included as well as all wedding related events and activities. There is a 3-night minimum and Round-trip Transportation to and from the resort/airport is included as well.

Q: When should I reserve my room?
ASAP as this resort's popular room categories have a habit of selling out. If you wish to attend, we recommend booking as soon as possible as group rates are available for a limited time.

We are holding a set number of rooms, categories, and rates for the wedding. You may request to stay before or after the group block dates. Just note that it may take extra time to request the availability and rates if the room or dates you want are not in our original block.

Because our room block inventory is limited and guests are booking at different times, we cannot guarantee availability of rooms or rates, and we cannot be held responsible should rooms not become available or rates increase. We do our best to ensure that we have a variety of room options for you to choose from and booking early will increase the chances you will receive the room you want at the best possible group rate.

Q: Can I book a higher room category, or a room that isn’t in the wedding block?
Of course! As long as the resort shows availability for that room category, Romantics Travel should be able to get it for you. Please fill out the request form and indicate which room category you are interested in, within the comments section. They will then provide you with a quote specific to your request. Please note that quotes may take a few days or more to receive back from the supplier if the room is not already in our room block.

Q: Can I make payments?
Yes, after the initial deposit you can make payments in any increment and amount you wish by using the “Make a Payment” link above. You may also simply wait until your final payment due date, and pay the remaining balance at that time.

There is a $50 late payment penalty applied to reservations that are not paid by the final payment date. If the reservation is not paid within 7 days of this date, the reservation will automatically cancel, and all payments will be forfeited.

Q: Do I need Travel Insurance?
It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance in the event a cancellation is required for any reason or for in-country health related issues as most US health insurance plans do not cover you in a foreign country. The cost is based on the total reservation amount and is a "Cancel for Any Reason" type of protection. Please note: air reservations must be made as part of the hotel package to be covered by the insurance or you may purchase trip protection for air travel separately.

Travel protection offers 75% back for cancellation due to “any reason” and 100% back for cancellation due to a “covered reason.“ Please see the terms for more information, pricing, and coverage. Please also note that the insurance plan itself is non-refundable and must be purchased at the time of deposit. To protect your travel investment, we highly recommend purchasing an insurance policy.

Q: What if I can't make it? Are there any cancellation fees?
Yes, depending on when you cancel in relation to your departure a cancellation fee may apply. The best way to avoid most fees is to purchase the travel insurance when you make your deposit. Please note that the cost of travel insurance is not refundable. Also, because this is a contracted room block with its own terms, if you cancel and do not have travel protection, you could lose everything paid in relation to when you cancel. Please reach out to Romantics Travel in the event you need to modify or cancel your reservation and they will discuss applicable fees with you.

Q: Do I need a Passport?
Yes, a passport Book is mandatory. If you do not have a passport or need to renew yours, please visit the US Passport Center website at

For more information regarding passports and entry requirements, please visit www.Travel.State.Gov.

Q: Are vaccinations required?
No vaccinations are currently required. The CDC also recommends testing prior to arrival to be sure you don't already have Covid before traveling.

FAQ can be found here:

Q: What about name changes?
We recommend reserving your room when you are certain of who you are sharing a room with. Any name changes or edits to your reservation will incur a change/edit fee of $50.00 before being processed.

Per the hotel, no change requests on rooms will be made within 30 days of departure as all room block details must be finalized by that time. Any changes to the reservations (including date changes, roommate changes, etc.) may result in the room re-pricing at the current available rate due to resort availability.

Q: Is round-trip transportation included?
Round-trip airport transportation (the ride between the airport and resort) is included with your room reservation. To confirm this service, you will submit your flight itinerary via the Flight Link. Romantics Travel will send this link to you via email 90 days prior to departure.

Your flight itinerary must be submitted via the Flight Link at least 45 days before travel to confirm the airport transportation. If they do not have your flight itinerary by the transportation company’s deadline, you will need to arrange and pay for your own transportation. The included round-trip private group transportation will only be between the airport and the wedding resort on the day of check-in and check-out.

Q: How do I book my airfare?
You are welcome to arrange your airfare on your own. Many wedding guests have points or miles that they like to use, and appreciate the opportunity to book air when they want. We recommend booking directly with the airlines. If you need help with air schedules, Call Jeff or Kimberly at 817-386-0701.


You are attending a private event connected to a block of rooms.

In order to have access to the event(s) you are required to book as part of the group. This is similar to booking a “convention package” where your room rate is directly connected to attending events.
• The quoted rates also include perks and amenities that benefit the group. These perks are not included in any online prices you might find.
• The contracted group rate guarantees the same rate for everyone in the group. (The rates may change if you request a different room type.)
• You may be denied access to the private events (ceremony, reception, etc) if you book outside the group.
• If access to the private event is allowed, a fee per person, per event, may need to be paid in order for you and any guest not booked in the group to attend.
• The contracted group rates ensure that everyone receives the same price and is included in all wedding related events and activities.
• Please contact Romantics Travel before booking your room through another source.