Welcome Party & Dinner

Apr 12
6:00 pm TO 9:00 pm

Hard Rock Punta Cana - Piano Gazebo

The Ceremony

Apr 13
4:00 pm TO 5:00 pm

Hard Rock Punta Cana - Harmonica Beach



Apr 13
5:00 pm TO 10:30 pm

Hard Rock Punta Cana - Element Terrace

Optional Boat Tour - Ticket not included

Apr 14
2:15 pm TO 6:15 pm

Lobby - Hard Rock Punta Cana

"Life is not meant to be perfect, it's meant to be lived"

Dress code/ Código de vestimenta - Welcome event

*Whatever makes you feel comfortable!Lo que sea que te haga sentir cómoda/o! 

“Find someone who is a home and an adventure all at once” ✔️
Dress Code

Beach formal

WOMEN: For women, opt for a tea- or ankle-length dress with straps or short sleeves. You could also choose to wear a formal jumpsuit if you prefer. For more of a glam aesthetic, lean into elegant, lightweight fabrics such as lace, organza, charmeuse or silk. You can also elevate your beach wedding outfit with jewelry—think statement necklaces, chandelier earrings and an opulent bangle or two. As for shoes, avoid pumps, stilettos or any other style that will make you sink into the sand. Instead, opt for dressy sandals, wedges or shoes with a flat sole or chunky heel. Jeweled straps, ornate detailing or a more glamorous design will ensure your shoes match the formality of the event.

MEN: Men's formal beach wedding attire does still call for traditional wedding apparel: a jacket, slacks and a crisp button-down shirt. To keep cool, choose lightweight, breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton, or consider a seersucker suit. You'll also want to wear formal dress shoes and thin socks. Avoid shorts, hats, flip-flops or open-toe shoes.

*Bridesmaid and groomsmen will be wearing shades of blue 


Be on time

The ceremony will start at 4:00 pm. Please be on time. There is approximately a 10-15 minute walk from the lobby to the Harmonica beach. If you do not want to walk, you can wait for the trolley (it comes every 20 minutes). You should be ready by 3:30 pm so that you do not miss (or interrupt) the beginning of the ceremony.  ***Group photo at the end of the ceremony. Please stay to take a group photo! 

Wedding Cocktail and Reception


There is a short walk (approx. 5 minutes) from the beach to the Element Terrace. There is a cocktail event from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm with hot and cold appetizers. The bar will be open during this time. At 6:00 pm the wedding reception will officially start. Dinner will be served approximately at 6:30 pm. Then, we will dance until 10:30 pm. 


After party at ORO Nightclub

Free entrance until 11:00 pm for hotel guests. Drinks are NOT included. The ORO club is a separate business. 

Optional Party Boat


This is an optional activity. The cost is $45 pp. The duration is 4 hours (from 2:15 pm to 6:15 pm) including transportation from the hotel lobby to the marina. It is a "private party boat;" we won't be sharing the boat with strangers. It includes snacks (fruits, chips and salsa), alcoholic drinks, lemon juice, snorkel equipment, and opportunity to swim. Let us know if you are interested in joining the party boat by April 1st.