Our Story

In May 2013, in Amherst, Massachusetts - the "World War II" bar was alive with karaoke and drinks. It is here where our friends Lisa & Daniel introduced us. After spending the rest of the weekend hanging out, we continued to be in touch and decided to take a first date/trip together. Our first adventure was going to be a Memorial Day road trip from Amherst to DC and back, hoping we would be able to stand each other throughout - thankfully, we did. We spent the following months traveling between NY and MA, going to Broadway shows, and trying all sorts of restaurants and street food. We were falling in love with adventure, travel, and each other. When Wilbeth started her Ph.D. program in Iowa City, we decided we would continue in each other's life and committed to navigating the long-distance journey. We traveled every month to see each other going from Berlin to Medellin, Las Vegas to Rome, and many more places. In February 2020, we finally managed to move to the same city, and in the midst of the pandemic, we adopted our fur baby Ozzy in May! The lockdown also allowed us to grow closer together; not only we survived the pandemic, we also got closer and happier than ever before. In May 2023, we got engaged via a Lottery scratch-off that held the best Jackpot we can think of, and now we are inviting you to join us in April 2024 - for our wedding celebration.